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#47213 - 04/05/16 11:32 PM Re: Hunting ... [Re: Andy the Aussie]
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Good stuff Andy! Forgive me, still getting accustomed to Busse Knives and haven't gotten all the models straight yet. Is that B4 SR-101 or INFI? I'm really eyeing hard a BG Active Duty at some point in the near future for skinning (mostly smaller game in my neck of the woods, the biggest thing being some large whitetails) since I prefer a small knife for skinning and have my INFIDu for the heavier tasks. I was wondering how SR-101 fared during the processing against INFI as far as edge retention and chipping. I know INFI has reportedly never chipped out and has great edge retention as well as much better rust resistance. But does SR-101 really chip that often? I'm not looking to be batoning through leg bones obviously, but if i glance a few during the process I want to be assured no major damage will happen. I've read on multiple forums both that SR-101 hardly ever chips, and that it will chip very badly if it comes into contact especially with bone. Any experiences from anyone would be much appreciated!

By the way, always wanted to do a European mount but I haven't had the good fortune to take a buck worthy of it. Yet. wink

#47215 - 04/06/16 12:16 AM Re: Hunting ... [Re: Andy the Aussie]
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Originally Posted By: Andy the Aussie
Thanks all. I am getting an off cut of the hide tanned at some point then I am going to do a twist on the Euro Mount having the skull cap form wrapped in hide.

Pics at some point mate!!!

Sounds very cool. I'll be looking forward to it smile

#47222 - 04/06/16 10:28 AM Re: Hunting ... [Re: Andy the Aussie]
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I've not had SR-101 chip at all- batoning through bone or oak knots in well-dried firewood ...and I've even used the back of a hatchet for a baton. wink

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#47223 - 04/06/16 04:46 PM Re: Hunting ... [Re: Andy the Aussie]
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The B4 and Skeleton Key I used on this one are both INFI mate, the B4 is a personal favourite. That said I have dressed more than my share of deer with a Swamp Rat HRLM (another favourite) and have had NO issues at all with chipping, in fact I just don't buy the premise that is it prone to chipping (from my experience)at all. I actually think SR101 will take and hold a keener edge than INFI but INFI is easier to restore in the field. EITHER is more than capable but I have, in smaller blades a slight (and it is slight) preference for INFI. In larger blades the INFI certainly moves out into a field all it's own. But at the same time I really defy most people to be at a disadvantage with a big SR101 or SR77 blade !!!
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#47226 - 04/07/16 08:14 AM Re: Hunting ... [Re: Andy the Aussie]
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Very well put Andy. I have also used many Busse, Swamp Rat and Scrap Yard blades. Using INFI, SR101, SR77, S30V, D2, ATS 34, A2 and ElMax to skin, clean and butcher game. I have not had any issues at all.

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