I was wondering, and its probably in the works, yall are a knife company, not an internet company, if we could get specs of all RAT models, when they came out, typical run time for new models before they are no longer for sale, Rats future goals and possible new models. i have followed Busse for a while, but have always favored the Rat knives I have held. Another questions for us newbs, Custom knives- what is available? I have a RMD, Rucki, and RS on order but was curious about other models like the Hairy Carry. I really want to add a Hairy Carry and a Waki at a later date, but i am worried I might not get the opportunity. Either way I appreciate this site, and only ask out of curiosity. i also wanted to get some more chat going and learn some more stuff from the senior guys. One last thing about the Custom, do you plan to make an album like the Busse custom shop page? that would be awesome.