Great pics guys ! Thought I might join in the fun. Still can't find my camera so I hope these phone pics are OK:

Some new INFI:

A bit of old and new - the FSH with the NMFSHLE, NMFSHCG and NMFSHCGDC...whooh...too many letters !

The NMFSH with 2 Rodent 3s and PPKS Holstex pants. Jared (Invinoveritas1911) from PPKS (Paw Paws Knife Shop) made the sheaths and was a pleasure to deal with and I hope to deal with him again. He makes a great product. I will be taking more pics of his stuff soon.....
My new Custom MBC arrived,too. White Giraffe bone and red liners. Love the Hollow Grind !! Thanks Garth !! I was surprised that it is roughly the same OAL as the Rodent 3 !

Old Skool Swamp Rat

All Hail the Magic Blade