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Originally Posted By: TrumbyOriginally Posted By: Hard KnocksOriginally Posted By: elof_alv HK, Desert Anorexic Badger Attack 3 Damn fine blade if you ask me Traded that one out of Ianís hands a while ago I don't see anything about it that I do
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Yes I agree, there's no farm houses around it, though Gungal is only a mile or so away from it. If you could call it a town, from memory there's only a church and an old telephone exchange there with a couple of houses. I think the old girl that r
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Nice catch H/K!
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I ordered the book.
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OK, just read his post over at Bladeforums. Rob was cleaning out a paint spraygun and blew a hole in his left index finger, filling it with paint/weather-shield. It had to be amputated. However, he appears to be in good spirits.
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Here's one of the few non drop point knives that I have a soft spot for. "Tanker A's" I think they were overruns from a military sale. The top one being NO 1 in the run. But its the one underneath that is my favorite. Magoo scored t
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At one time here we could put them through the sale yards, then came a swine fever scare and they stopped that. It didn't stop us from catching then however. A lot of pigs we caught were on the vast wheat paddocks out there, they usually were in goo